Women’s Studies Listservs

FEMAIL, a moderated list, “exists to provide a shared communication channel for feminists around the world.” Both men and women may join. Send subscription requests to FEMAIL-

FEMINISM-DIGEST makes the USENET newsgroup soc.feminism available in digest form via e-mail for those who either cannot access Usenet or prefer the digest format. To subscribe to the
digest, send a request to FEMINISM-DIGEST@NCAR.UCAR.EDU (Internet) or FEMINISM DIGEST%NCAR.UCAR.EDU@NCARIO (Bitnet). Digest recipients can then respond to postings by
sending messages to FEMINISM@NCAR.UCAR.EDU (Internet)or  FEMINISM%NCAR.UCAR.EDU@NCARIO (Bitnet).

FEMISA is a list for discussion of feminism, gender, women and international relations, etc. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@CSF.COLORADO.EDU

GENDER is a moderated list devoted especially to “discussion of issues pertaining to the study of communication and gender.” Send subscription requests to COMSERVE@RPITSVM  (Bitnet) or COMSERVE@VM.ITS.RPI.EDU (Internet).

MAIL-MEN describes itself as “a place of openness and support” where men and women can discuss men’s issues, which it defines as “those problems or experiences that affect male humans.” Send subscription requests to MAIL-MEN- REQUEST@ATTUNIX.ATT.COM

There is also a new PRO-FEMINIST MEN’S ISSUES MAILING LIST whose purpose is “to provide a forum for discussion of issues pertaining to being men and being pro-feminist.” For more information or to join, contact JYANOWITZ@HAMP.HAMPSHIRE.EDU

NURSENET on LISTSERV@VM.UTCC.UTORONTO.CA – A Global Forum for Nursing Issues NURSENET is an open, unmoderated, global electronic conference for discourse about diverse nursing issues in the areas of nursing administration, nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research. While unmoderated, we hope that subscribers will volunteer to
introduce and host topics in areas of their interest and expertise. We can use this space to make announcements, share ideas,papers, bibliographies, resources, to take polls, review books, ask for opinions, and to create community. When you subscribe, you will receive The NURSENET Guide which contains useful commands and information. To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of a mail message to: LISTSERV@VM.UTCC.UTORONTO.CA  SUB NURSENET yourfirstname yourlastname. To correspond with the list manager, send mail to: Judy Norris (jnorris@oise.on.ca)


WMST-L is an international electronic forum for people involved in Women’s Studies as teachers, researchers, librarians, and/or program administrators. It offers a rapid and cost-free way for participants to ask questions and exchange information about the academic side of Women’s Studies: current research, teaching strategies, useful texts and films, innovative courses, funding sources, building Women’s Studies majors, minors, and graduate programs, relations between Women’s Studies and other “minority studies” programs, and other academic issues.

Subscribe to WMST-L and send a message to the listserv that consists of only one line in the body of your message:

  • subscribe WMST-L yourfirstname yourlastname.

For instance, Subscribe WMST-L Jane Doe.

Do not include a subject heading. If you have questions about WMST-L, first check the WMST-L User’s Guide. The answer is likely to be there. If it isn’t, contact Joan Korenman.

WOMEN describes itself as a “general purpose list, intended to be a connection between all women’s groups and areas of interest for women and their friends.” To subscribe, write

WON, the Women’s Online Network, is an electronic political group for women. It “will distribute information, aid in the coordination of useful political action, and provide a forum for
developing strategies to improve the position of women in our society.” Unlike the other lists mentioned here, WON charges a fee: $20 per year, negotiable if necessary. To join, contact the
co-founders at CARMELA@ECHO.PANIX.COM or HORN@ECHO.PANIX.COM or by phone at (212) 255- 3839 (New York).

WOMEN’S WIRE (Worldwide Information Resource & Exchange) is a subscription-based computer network serving the information and networking needs of women. WOMEN’S WIRE
draws its content from the media, newswires, women’s organizations, government sources, and its subscribers – offering a central source for the latest women’s news and information. WOMEN’S WIRE has a point-and-click graphical user interface for the Macintosh and PCs running Windows 3.1. A command line interface is currently available for DOS and Unix. Offers Internet email, mailing lists, UPI newswires, and Usenet newsgroups. Subscribers can telnet in using the VT- 100 based command line interface, or the Mac GUI if they have a Macintosh with an IP address. To telnet, use TELNET WWIRE.NET and enter WIRENEW at the login prompt. Cost is $15/month which includes 2 free hours. Additional hours range in price according to time of day and type of access. Send email to INFO@WWIRE.NET or call 415-615-8989 for more information.

USENET: Another source of electronic forums is Usenet, with its vast array of “newsgroups.” Among the hundreds of groups are the following: soc.feminism, soc.women, and soc.men. These newsgroups all carry discussions of male/female relations, as well as other topics. The newsgroups are public, open to both men and women. Soc. feminism is moderated; the others are not and tend to be somewhat wilder and more argumentative. Since methods of accessing Usenet newsgroups vary from system to system, the best thing would be to ask the computer
people at your institution how to access these newsgroups on your particular system.


AUSTEN-L A digest for readers of Jane Austen. If you enjoy the novels of Jane Austen and those of contemporary women writers such Frances Burney, Maria Edgeworth and Mary  Wollstonecraft you might want to exchange views with others on any aspect of her work and time.
Owner: Dr. Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Faculty of Education, McGill University, Montreal.
To subscribe: Send the following e-mail message to LISTSERV@MCGILL1
subscribe AUSTEN-L [your name]

BRIDGES is a moderated list that explores Jewish feminist identity and considers both Jewish and female existence and activism in relation to movements for change. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@ISRAEL.NYSERNET.ORG

DOMESTIC PARTNERS LIST domestic@cs.cmu.edu or domestic+@cmu.edu. subscriptions/removals/requests: domestic-request@cs.cmu.edu

EDUCOM-W describes itself as “a moderated list to facilitate discussion of issues in technology and education that are of interest to women.” Subscription messages should be sent to LISTSERV@BITNIC (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@BITNIC.EDUCOM.EDU (Internet).

The FEAST list is an open discussion list provided by the Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory for exchange among those with interests in feminist ethics and social theory. The list is not moderated (i.e., in general, messages are not screened before they are posted by subscribers to the list), so members of the list are responsible for their own posting. Please, therefore, refrain from personal attacks or other forms of disrespectful behavior. The FEAST Steering Committee reserves the right to request an end to certain discussion threads, and to monitor and/or remove subscribers to the list.

To join the FEAST listserv, send an e-mailmessage to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.JMU.EDU with the following message: subscribe FEAST-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname.

To join the FEAST GRAD listserv send a message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.JMU.EDU with the following message: subscribe FEASTGRAD-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

You may also write to Andrea Veltman veltmaal@jmu.edu with a request to subscribe.

FEMECON-L is a list for feminist economists. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@BUCKNELL.EDU

FEMINIST is owned by the Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association. It deals with issues such as sexism in libraries and librarianship, pornography and censorship in libraries, and racism and ethnic diversity in librarianship. Subscription messages should be sent to LISTSERV@MITVMA (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Internet).

FEMJUR: Feminist Juriprudence Listserv A new feminist legal theories listserv has just begun. The list should provide a forum for discussing theories and issues regarding feminism and women and law. It is also a good place to share research questions, scholarship, calls for papers, job announcements, and provide support for people working in this area of law. To subscribe to the list from a non-suvm site, send electronic mail to the LISTSERV@SUVM with no subject line and a 1 line in the message: SUBSCRIBE FEMJUR first_name last_name where first_name is your first name and last_name is your last name. If you are subscribing from a vm site, use the following command: Tell Listserv Sub FemJur first_name last_name.
To send mail to the list, send it to FEMJUR@SUVM.BITNET.
SYRACUSE, NY 13244-1030
PHONE: (315) 443-4462 OR FAX:(315) 443-5394

FEMREL-L focuses on women and religion and feminist theology. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@MIZZOU1 (Bitnet).

FIST (Feminism in/and Science and Technology) is an unmoderated list for discussion of feminism and science and technology. Send subscription messages to  LISTSERV@DAWN.HAMPSHIRE.EDU

GEOGFEM is devoted to “feminist/gender issues in Geography.” Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@UKCC (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@UKCC.UKY.EDU (Internet).

HELWA-L is a list for Malaysian women in the U.S. and Canada. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@PSUVM (Bitnet).

H-WOMEN is a forum for scholars and teachers of Women’s History. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@UICVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@UICVM.UIC.EDU  (Internet).

KIDSPHERE (to develop an international network for children & teachers) kidsphere@vms.cis.pitt.edu (Internet) or kidsphere@pittvms (BITNET) or pitt!vms.cis.pitt.edu!kidsphere (uucp) The preceding addresses are for postings to KIDSPHERE.
For administrative matters – subscriptions, cancellations, address changes, etc., please use the administrative address kidsphere-request@vms.cis.pitt.edu (Internet) or joinkids@pittvms (BITNET) KIDS (for postings from children to other children) kids@vms.cis.pitt.edu (Internet) or kids@pittvms (BITNET) or pitt!vms.cis.pitt.edu!kids (uucp)

KOL-ISHA is a moderated list for halachic questions and issues concerning women’s roles in Judaism. To subscribe, send message to LISTSERV@ISRAEL.NYSERNET.ORG

LESBIAN MOTHERS List. A list for Lesbian mothers. Email mom@qiclab.scn.rain.com

MEDFEM-L is a list for feminist medievalists. It deals with “any aspect of medieval studies that touches on…feminist studies/women’s studies/gay and lesbian studies.” Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@INDYCMS (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU (Internet).

MENOPAUS is a list for discussion of menopause, and the sharing of remedies and personal experiences related to menopause. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@PSUHMC (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@PSUHMC.HMC.PSU.EDU (Internet). [Note that MENOPAUS has no final "e"]

POWR-L is a public electronic mail list for people interested in sharing information and resources in the psychology of women. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion of current topics, research, teaching strategies, and practice issues among people interested in the discipline of psychology of women, and to publicize relevant conferences, job announcements, calls for papers, publications, and the like. It is open to anyone interested in the field.

Subscribe to POWR-L and send a message to the listserv that consists of only one line in the body of your message.


Pwinet-l is intended to be of interest to feminist psychologists interested in international issues. Please send us any announcements that might be relevant. It can also be used to ask other list members questions about international research.

This list is administered manually. If you would like to join the list, please e-mail Irene Hanson Frieze in the Department of Psychology at University of Pittsburgh and request to be added. She will provide you with additional instructions. Visit Irene’s website.

ROMANCE READERS ANONYMOUS. RRA-L is a discussion and idea list for readers of romance fiction. It is NOT a twelve-step program intended to break you of the romance habit. The listowners called it Romance Readers Anonymous knowing that fans of this genre sometimes have trouble admitting their preference for a good love story. We know, we are that way too. Some suitable subjects for posting are:
-Announcements of forthcoming books and previews.
-Reviews, criticisms, comments, and appreciations of romances
(books, plays, films).
-Great bookshops.
This list will be moderated; postings submitted to the list will sent to the list moderator prior to being sent on to the list. Everyone who joins ought to consider contacting her (his) favorite romance author and inviting her (him) to join this list. To subscribe: Send a one line message that says: subscribe [your name] rra-l to: LISTSERV@KENTVM is the BITNET or LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU

SASH (Sociologists Against Sexual Harassment) is a moderated list focusing on sexual harassment. For more information or to subscribe,write to Phoebe M. Stambaugh, AZPXS@ASUACAD (Bitnet) or AZPXS@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU (Internet).

SOUTH ASIAN WOMEN’S NET is a discussion group for women from the south asian countries as well as women from other parts of the world interested in the concerns of south asian women. This forum is open only to women. To subscribe, write to USUBRAMA@MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU or to SUSANC@HELIX.NIH.GOV

SSSSTALK is a sexuality discussion list where “professional researchers, clinicians, educators, and students in the field of sexuality can communicate freely, professionally, and efficiently.” The subscription address is LISTSERV@TAMVM1 (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU  (Internet).

STOPRAPE is a sexual assault activist list. The subscription address is LISTSERV@BROWNVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Internet).

SWIP-L is an information and discussion list for members of the Society for Women in Philosophy and others interested in feminist philosophy. Subscription messages should be sent to LISTSERV@CFRVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@CFRVM.CFR.USF.EDU (Internet).

SYSTERS is a private, unmoderated mailing list intended to allow professional women in the field of computing–i.e., with a degree (or currently a student) in Computer Science or  Computer Engineering, or holding an equivalent technical position in industry, academia, or government–to discuss issues of mutual interest. While the intended membership of the list is the technical female computer professional, female students, both graduate and undergraduate CS majors, are welcome to participate as long as the professional focus of the list is maintained.

If your primary professional identification is “woman in computing” and you wish to be put on the list, please send me mail at systers-request@pa.dec.com

Please include:
your name,
description of your involvement in computer science, and a statement that you are willing to abide by the rules for usage.
1. Please put “addsyster” in the subject field of the message.
2. Please give your net address in the following format on a
separate line anywhere in the message:
EMAIL address (Name)
for example
EMAIL borg@pa.dec.com (Anita Borg)
Neither of these is strictly necessary, but it makes my life a lot easier.
Anita (Her Systers’ Keeper)
Dr. Anita Borg
Network Systems Lab
Digital Equipment Corp
250 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
94301 USA
1 415 688 1367

The new discussion group WIG-L, sponsored by the Coalition of Women in German (WiG) and owned and maintained by the Women’s Caucus of graduate students in the Department of German at the University of California, Berkeley, is now operational. The topics for discussion and information for this list are defined as all issues of interest to the members of WiG, an organization devoted to the feminist study of German literature, culture, and language. You do not need to be a WiG member to join the list. Further information will be sent to new  subscribers; it is impor- tant that you read and save this information, which is designed to insure that the list will function smoothly and with a minimum of bothersome postings.

To subscribe, send normal e-mail with the one-line message

SUB WIG-L Firstname Lastname

(substituting your own first and last names) to the address


Any “Subject:” will be ignored by the computer, and it will read your e-mail address from the header.

Do NOT subscribe by return mail to the address from which you received this mail, which is the list owners’ address, not the LISTSERV list manager software.

Owner: Women’s Caucus wiggle@violet.berkeley.edu

WIML-L (Women’s Issues in Music Librarianship). For more information about WIML-L, contact Laura Gayle Green, LGREEN@IUBVM (Bitnet).

WIPHYS is a moderated list for issues of concern to women in physics. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@NYSERNET.ORG (Internet).

WISENET is a relatively new list for women in science, mathematics, and engineering. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@UICVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@UICVM.UIC.EDU (Internet).

WMN-HLTH is a Women’s Health Electronic News Line started by the Center for Women’s Health Research. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@UWAVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@UWAVM.U.WASHINGTON.EDU (Internet).

WMSPRT-L is an open discussion for women and men interested in goddess spirituality, feminism and the incorporation of the feminine/feminist idea in the study and worship of the divine. To subscribe to the list, send mail to LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU or on bitnet to LISTSERV@UBVM. Leave the subject line blank and have the body of your message read:

subscribe wmsprt-l FirstName LastName

For example: subscribe WMSPRT-L Athena McShush

If you have trouble signing on, contact the listowner, Gail Wood.

To post messages to the list, send submissions to the list address, wmsprt-l@ubvm (bitnet) or wmsprt-l@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu (internet).

Owner: Gail Wood woodg@snyalfva
or woodg@snyalfva.cc.alfredtech.edu

WWP-L was set up by the Women Writers Project to discuss the project and women writers from pre-Victorian periods. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@BROWNVM (Bit.) or LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Int.).

Lists devoted to issues of SEXUAL ORIENTATION:

BIFEM-L is a moderated list for women only. Its purpose is to provide a safe space primarily for bisexual women. Subscription messages should be sent to LISTSERV@BROWNVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Internet).

BISEXU-L describes itself as designed for “the cordial and civilized exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences relevant to the topic of bisexuality between members of all sexual orientations and preferences.” It is open to anyone. Subscription messages should be sent to LISTSERV@BROWNVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Internet).

GAYNET is a list focusing on gay and lesbian concerns on college campuses. Subscription messages should be sent to GAYNET@QUEERNET.ORG (Internet).

GLB-NEWS is a “read-only depository of information for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and sympathetic persons.” Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@BROWNVM
(Bitnet) or LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Internet).

LIS stands for Lesbians in Science and is a list for lesbians in industry, universities, government labs, etc. Send subscription requests to ZITA@JUNO.PHYSICS.WISC.EDU; send postings to LIS@JUNO.PHYSICS.WISC.EDU

NOGLSTP.The National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals operates another list, NOGLSTP. Send subscription requests to NOGLSTP- REQUEST@ELROY.JPL.NASA.GOV .

SAPPHO is a forum and support group for gay and bisexual women. Membership is open to all women and is limited to women. For more information, contact SAPPHO- REQUEST@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU  (Internet).

For a more extensive compilation of gay/lesbian/bi- and transsexual e-mail lists, send the following message to LISTSERV@UMDD or LISTSERV@UMDD.UMD.EDU  GET LESBIGAY LISTS WMST-L