Alumnae News

ANNIE FREITAS, Scripps ‘10
Annie Freitas is in her second year of Teach for America, teaching third grade at Harriet Tubman Charter School in Louisiana, a school with only about 40% of students performing at basic or above on state tests. Last year none of her students entered on grade level in reading or math. She is proud to report that after just over a year with the class, half of the students started third grade on-level or less than a half-year behind. Her goal is to have all 40 students enter fourth grade on-level or less than one year behind. Annie loves talking to her students about college. She writes, “My students know that they are in school to learn to live confidently, courageously and hopefully.” Outside of school, Annie is still writing, performing poetry, and developing her own urban farm.

ANDREA KOZAK, Scripps ‘12
Andrea Kozak is working as a law clerk at Disability Rights Advocates, a non-profit law firm in Berkeley specializing in high-impact class action litigation on behalf of people with disabilities. Through work on cases addressing human rights violations of people with disabilities in jails and prisons, she has been able to continue her interest in prison advocacy, an interest fostered during her time at Scripps and facilitated by IWS. She writes, “I have learned an unbelievable amount about the legal process and about the various forms of oppression facing people with disabilities every day.” She plans to seek out activist organizations in Oakland that are working to challenge the prison industrial complex and to go to law school to continue this work.

Pamela O’Leary, M.A. Applied Women’s Studies, CGU
Pamela O’Leary invites you to post an article on the topic of your choice onto her new website, Women on Top.  For more information, please e-mail Pamela O’Leary at She also had an Op-Ed published in the Los Angeles Times on November 22, 2013, entitled “JFK: A Pioneer in the Women’s Movement.” She is currently teaching as an adjunct professor at American University in Washington, D.C.

Romarilyn Ralston, Pitzer ’14
Romarilyn Ralston is enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis, MO where she is working towards a Master’s in Liberal Arts.  A project co-organized by Romarilyn, The Good Start for African American Children, was launched in July 2014.  Romarilyn is one of sixteen 2014 – 2015  Focus on St. Louis Coro Fellows in Public AffairsClick here to read The Good Start Newsletter.

LANEY RUPP, Scripps ‘09
Laney Rupp has been pursuing social justice work through a combination of AmeriCorps, organizing, and non-profit work. Her projects have included developing a holistic sex ed program for queer youth in LA, a literacy project for bilingual first generation youth in Santa Cruz, and a job-training program for teens in the agricultural town of Watsonville. She writes, “I regularly feel grateful for my GWS major, which taught me to look at the complex roots of social problems and to tackle challenges with the understanding that there is usually no ‘quick fix,’ but rather multifaceted solutions that address intersecting root causes of the challenges we face.” Laney is contemplating graduate school in education and leadership, but says right now she enjoys being out in the field.