Women’s Studies Librarian at Honnold-Mudd


Alex Chapell

Email: alexandra_chappell@cuc.claremont.edu Phone: (909) 607-0989 Campus Address: Honnold/Mudd Library                           Library Webpage                                                     Twitter: @akc47


Alex is a great resource for Gender and Women’s Studies majors or any student doing research regarding Gender and Women’s Studies. She works as the Liaison to Art & Gender and Women’s Studies at the Honnold Mudd Library of The Claremont Colleges. Alex also works as the Embedded Services Program Coordinator at Honnold Mudd.

Alex has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Pomona College and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Prior to her career as a librarian, she worked as a letterpress printer at the Yolla Bolly Press and as an editor and production coordinator for exhibition catalogs and other museum publications at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Non-library interests include swing dancing, the Sunday Times puzzles, photography, urban decay, and obituaries.