Faculty Appointments

Piya Chatterjee
Dorothy Cruickshank Backstrand Chair of Gender and Women’s Studies
Feminist Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Scripps College

Piya Chatterjee is a historical anthropologist by training. She is interested women’s labor, colonial and post-colonial history, and feminist ethnographic writing and is currently involved with a Paulo Freire inspired, anti-violence political literacy project led by rural women in eastern India which has been funded by the Global Fund for Women.

Kyla Wazana Tompkins
English / Gender & Women’s Studies, Pomona College

Kyla Wazana Tompkins has a ½ FTE in Gender & Women’s Studies at Pomona, and teaches core courses in women’s studies there, including Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies, Transnational Feminist Theory, and other women’s studies courses. Her interests are in cultural theory; 19th c. U.S. literature; food studies; and critical feminist theory.