About 70 – 80 Women’s Studies courses are offered each year at the colleges, the majority of which are cross-listed courses. Each semester, IFC publishes a Women’s Studies course brochure, provided to all undergraduate students, that contains information about and descriptions of all Women’s Studies courses that will be offered the following

Currently, those colleges with Women’s Studies programs (Pitzer, Scripps, Pomona) review proposals from their own faculty members for cross-listing courses. The IFC Steering Committee reviews proposals for cross-listing courses from Harvey Mudd and Claremont McKenna, which do not have their own programs. (CGU courses are not part of the review process and are not listed in the course brochure unless open to undergraduates.)

Core Curriculum
There are several courses that are part of the “core” Women’s Studies curriculum
and are part of the requirements for Women’s Studies majors and minors for all of the
programs. Core courses are primarily taught at Pomona and Scripps. They are:

GWS 26: Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies (offered each semester)
GWS 180: Feminist Theory
GWS 181, Feminisms in Community
GWS 190: Senior Seminar (offered Fall)
GWS 191: Senior Thesis

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