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625 Mayflower Road, Claremont, CA 91711

The Pilgrim Place WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE FORUM is held on the fourth Wednesday of each month in Decker Hall, Pilgrim Place. The Forum’s main organizer Susan Craig is a feminist theologian and ethicist who served as chaplain at Princeton and USC and has done extensive anti-violence work.  Plans are being made for continuing collaborations between Pilgrim Place and IFC; possibilities include mentoring, activist projects, and a co-taught course on feminist activism.

Woman’s Perspective Forum
Wednesday, November 28, 11:00 a.m.
Decker Hall, Pilgrim Place
TOPIC: The Subtle/Unsubtle War on Women: Prostitution and Sex Trafficking. All are welcome to join the Rev. Ann Hayman for an informative session on prostitution and sex trafficking. Ann holds a Masters Degree in Feminist Spirituality from Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. She serves on the Boards of a couple of organizations for reproductive choice in California and nationally, offers workshops on prostitution, sexual and domes-tic violence, all-options counseling for reproductive health issues, and the use of humor as a survival tool.
FMI: Susan Craig 626-644-5899

About Pilgrim Place

Since 1915 Pilgrim Place has been a home to thousands of persons who have served as leaders of religious and charitable non-profit organizations throughout the world, including commissioned or ordained missionaries, ministers, theological seminary faculty, college professors of religion, denominational executives, YMCA/YWCA staff, community organizers, and peace and justice advocates. Pilgrim Place is a diverse community of individuals who continue on their life-long path of service and outreach while exploring new opportunities for personal growth and learning in retirement.