Claremont College Student Activist Groups

ACLU of the Claremont Colleges

  • Mission Statement: To raise awareness of civil liberties issues and to safeguard those civil liberties both on and off campus. These goals shall be accomplished through events organized by the ACLU-CC and through dialogues with the administrations of the Claremont Colleges, other campus organizations, and both the ACLU of Southern California and National American Civil Liberties Union.
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American Red Cross Club of the Claremont Colleges

  • Mission Statement: There are currently three main components to the club: fundraising for disaster relief and health initiatives, informing students on how to live healthier, and hosting blood drives and CPR/First Aid training.
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Asian American Mentorship Program

  • Mission Statement: AAMP began as an organization aimed at meeting the specific needs of first year Asian American students. AAMP fosters a growing and learning experience for both mentors and “mentees.” dialogue about Asian Pacific American (APA) issues.
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Challah for Hunger

  • Mission Statement: Challah for Hunger seeks to advance social justice in Darfur and Southern California by harnessing the resources of the Claremont Colleges to bake and sell about 400 loaves of challah bread each week
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Chiapas Support Committee

  • Mission Statement: CSC is a collective composed of 5C college students allied with the Zapatista struggle of Southern Mexico since 1994. We hold political education workshops, and sponsor delegations to Chiapas every summer
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Community Engagement Center (CEC, Pitzer College)

  • Mission Statement: CEC works in the community creating partnerships, not to dispense “expert” solutions to pre-defined needs, but to identify and engage resources — both human and material — within the community.
  • Office Location: Bernard Core
  • Contact Info: Telephone: 909.607.8183, Email:
  • Website: CEC

Cultivating Dreams

Disability,Illness, and Difference Alliance

  •  Mission Statement: DIDA is a student-led group committed to creating safe spaces for discussions surrounding issues of disability, illness, and difference, promoting awareness of disability issues on campus through weekly discussions, events, and other programming.
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Empowered Latin@s in Action

  • Mission Statement: ELA is an inclusive, student-driven, Pomona College organization, open to students from all the 5-C’s, striving to maximize opportunities for Chican@s/Latin@s. We work to bring cultural, social, and political awareness and change to the 5-C community.
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Food Rescue

  • Mission Statement: Student volunteers to pick up leftover un-served food from dining halls and deliver it to a nearby shelter, Inland Valley Hope Partners. A chapter of the national Food Recovery Network
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Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, and Success at the Claremont Colleges (IDEAS)

  • Mission Statement: IDEAS at the Claremont Colleges aims to organize, promote, encourage, and further the education of immigrant students by providing social networks, academic resources, and financial support.
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Indigenous Student Alliance

  • Mission Statement: The Indigenous Student Alliance aims to promote understanding of Indigenous cultures, traditions, and history, both historical and contemporary as well as support self-identified indigenous students at the 5Cs
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Let’s Do Something

  • Mission Statement: The Let’s DO Something Club is dedicated to promoting and facilitating dialogue about mental illness throughout the 5C’s as well as working to erase the stigma associated with mental illness.
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Nourish International

  • Mission Statement: We are a social justice organization that seeks to promote critical discussion on international development and aid, while creating lasting partnerships with communities abroad. We use social entrepreneurship to fund grassroots NGOs in these countries.
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Pomona Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault

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  • Website:
  • Meeting Time: Sunday at 7:00 p.m., Smith Campus Center Room 235, Pomona College (meetings are closed to members, however if you would like to discuss something with the organization, please email the organization and set up a time to stop by.)

Pomona for Environmental Activism and Responsibility

  • Mission Statement: PEAR seeks to challenge students and administrators to think critically about the impact of their everyday actions on the environment and its communities. PEAR tackles environmental issues holistically, and remains open to a broad definition of environmentalism. Our goal is to promote individual and institutional changes through grassroots activism.
  • Website:
  • Contact Info:
  • Meeting Time: Sunday at 7:00 p.m., in the SOCA Lounge
  • Pledging & Event Listing:

Queer, Questioning, and Allied Mentorship Program

  • Mission Statement: The Queer, Questioning, and Allied Mentor Program (QQAMP) provides interested students with two QQAMP mentors, as well as the opportunity to participate in events and meet more people within the program and the queer community of the Claremont Colleges.
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Relay for Life

  • Mission Statement: We promote cancer awareness, prevention, and advocacy, while providing a a strong and supportive community for all those affected by cancer. Our capstone event each year is Relay for Life, a 24-hour camp-out in honor and support of cancer survivors.
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SCORE (Scripps Communitites of Resources & Empowerment Office)

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)

  • Mission Statement: SOCA is a socially, intellectually and politically progressive alliance of people who provide programming to support students of color and their allies.
  • Contact Info:

Students Promoting Environmental Activism and Awareness

  • Mission Statement: SPEAR’s mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues, the impact of climate change and responsible uses of the Earth’s ecosystems and resources by planning events that educate and enlist humanity to practice sustainability and to protect and restore the natural environment.
  • Meeting Time: Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. in Beckett Lounge (CMC)
  • Current Initiatives: Our big events for this year are to participate in the creation and management of a CMC community garden; host events, such as a Trash on the Lawn Day (Oct 13th) and a “green” TNC; and create an Eco-Reps Program
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Title IX Coalition (TIXC)

  • Mission Statement: TIXC  is a student organization dedicated to making a positive contribution to the social atmosphere on campus by providing programming and spaces for all students to safely and responsibly enjoy their free time in college
  • Contact Info:
  • Meeting times subject to change; please contact group leaders for updated information

5C Amnesty International

  • Contact Info:
  • Mission Statement: Our club is the Claremont Colleges chapter of Amnesty International, striving to uphold and protect human rights throughout the world

5C Criminal Justice Network

5 C Peace and Justice Coalition 

  • Mission Statement: We are a dynamic student organization of like-minded individuals fighting social injustice issues on the local and global level.
  • Contact Info:

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