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IFC Student Workers

Taylor Allen is a Sophomore at Claremont McKenna College with a focus on psychology and pre-med studies. Hailing proudly from Chicago, Illinois, she strives to rise above the violence and poverty plaguing her hometown. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, and giving back to others through various forms of volunteerism. Taylor is currently pursuing a career as an anesthesiologist.

Reilo Dahl is a senior Studio Art major and Classics minor at Scripps College, with her focus being in painting and woodworking. A first generation student from a small town in Northwestern Washington State, Reilo enjoys reading poetry, drinking tea, British comedy, and running. She has a beautiful grey and white Siberian husky named Willow. When she graduates she intends to live in Seattle and work in the public sector while building up her artistic gallery and internet presence.

Hanna Love is a senior Sociology major at Pomona College, who is currently trying to blend her passion for feminist activism with her studies in Sociology. As a first-generation Questbridge student from the East Bay Area, community engagement has been an important part of her time at Pomona. She has focused on creating networks of support for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and spent the  past summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina studying the potential of radical labor organizing to help reduce violence against sex workers. She isn’t quite sure what she plans to do after graduation, but she hopes to move to a large city and expand upon her passion for feminist activism and survivor support.

Angelicca Telles is a senior Gender Women’s Studies and History major at Pomona College currently attempting to bridge the gap between feminist theory and activism. As a first-generation student from the West Side of Chicago, finding support systems and building community has been crucial during her stay at Pomona. The Women’s Union and her sponsor group have been instrumental in creating spaces of honesty and care.  This past summer she interned at Women Employed, a nonprofit committed to elevating women’s economic status. Seeing advocacy and its potential for change has been inspiring for her. She is not a hundred percent certain what is going to happen after graduation, however she feels that all she needs is a vanilla ice cream cone and the support of a large community to be happy.