IFC Steering Committee

The IFC (formerly IWS) Steering Committee includes one or more faculty representatives from each of the undergraduate colleges and several students representatives.

2013-2014 Committee Members

Sue Castagnetto (IFC Coordinator; Philosophy, Scripps)
Susan Castagnetto holds the administrative position of coordinator of Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research and Engagement and teaches courses in philosophy and women’s studies at Scripps and Pomona, including Philosophy of Feminism, Feminist Ethics, Feminism & Science, Feminist Community Engagement, and Women, Crime and Punishment. (She is appointed Lecturer in Philosophy at Scripps.) She is active in community-based organizations addressing women and prison and has been a fellow in the Women’s Policy Institute. Sue has served as IWS Coordinator since 1999.
Contact: scastagn@scrippscollege.edu
Alexandra Chappell (CUC Libraries)
Alex Chappell works as the Liaison to Art & Gender and Women’s Studies at the Honnold Mudd Library of the Claremont Colleges. She also works as the Embedded Services Program Coordinator at Honnold Mudd. Alex has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Pomona College and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Prior to her career as a librarian, she worked as a letterpress printer at the Yolla Bolly Press and as an editor and production coordinator for exhibition catalogs and other museum publications at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Contact: alex.chappell@libraries.claremont.edu
Piya Chatterjee (GWS, Scripps College)
Piya Chatterjee is the Backstrand Chair of Gender & Women’s Studies at Scripps College. Her early research and activist work engaged the histories and lives of women workers on Indian tea plantations. She organized with women workers between 1999 and 2007. She is interested in women’s labor, colonial and postcolonial history, and feminist ethnographic writing.
Piya lives and works bi-nationally, between India and the United States, and is currently involved with a Paulo Freire-inspired, antiviolence political literacy project led by rural women in eastern India which has been funded by the Global Fund for Women.  She is equally committed to grassroots organizing within the US and helping to construct feminist alliances within antiracist and multiracial feminist frameworks.
Contact: pchatter@scrippscollege.edu
Rachel Mayeri (Media Studies, Harvey Mudd)
Rachel Mayeri is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Harvey Mudd College. Her teaching and artwork situate media at the center of culture and politics and serve as a conduit for personal expression as well. As an artist, she often makes videos about the intersection of science and art. Last year, she produced a video entitled Stories from the Genome, which placed contemporary gene science within a history of speculative theories of reproduction.
Contact: rachel_mayeri@hmc.edu
Linda Perkins (AWS, Claremont Graduate University)
Linda M. Perkins is Associate Professor of the Claremont Graduate University.  She holds an interdisciplinary university appointment in the departments of Applied Women’s Studies, Educational Studies and History.  Perkins is a historian of women’s and African American higher education.  Her primary areas of research are on the history of African American women’s higher education, the education of African Americans in elite institutions and the history of talent identification programs for African Americans students.  She has served as Vice President of Division F (History and Historiography) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and has also served as a member of the Executive Council of AERA.
Contact: linda.perkins@cgu.edu
Sharon Snowiss (Political Studies, Pitzer College)
Sharon Snowiss is a Professor of Political Studies at Pitzer College. Her areas of expertise are Political philosophy, including ancient, modern and contemporary, as well as comparisons of Eastern and Western thought; futurology, including forecastings, science fiction, altered states of consciousness, social and philosophical impact of technology, genetic engineering; French literature and politics; feminist political thought; mind/body healing and Qi Gong.
Contact: sharon_snowiss@pitzer.edu
Valorie Thomas (English/ Africana Studies, Pomona College)
Valorie Thomas is an associate Professor of English / Africana Studies at Pomona College. Her research interests include: Diasporic vertigo, African Diaspora literary & cultural theory, indigenous spirituality as decolonizing practice, vernacular culture and language, Toni Morrison, Ralph Ellison, Maya Deren, AfroFuturism, and contemporary Native American literature.
Contact: valorie_thomas@pomona.edu