IWS Visiting Scholar Program

IWS Visiting Scholar/ Practitioner in Residence Program: 2004 – 2007

IWS was able to invite six scholar/activists, one per semester, between 2004 and 2007. Positions were for two months, during which visitors taught a seminar engaging students in activist work, gave other campus presentations, visited classes, and met with students and faculty members. Visitors were:

  • Fall 2004 Jennifer Miller, founder/artistic director, Circus Amok
  • Spring 2005 Nawal El Saadawi, writer and activist
  • Fall 2005 Rhodessa Jones, founder, The Medea Project: Theatre for Incarcerated Women, co-artistic director, Cultural Odyssey
  • Fall 2006 Margo Okazawa-Rey, anti-racism educator and activist
  • Spring 2007 Minnie Bruce Pratt, poet, writer and activist
  • Fall 2007 Norma Bowles, theatre artist, founder, Fringe Benefits: Setting the Stage for Social Justice

The program enriched Women’s Studies programs and courses across the colleges in a variety of ways and provided unique opportunities for students to work with experienced scholar/activists, engaging theory with practice and making connections with activists in the community.